Concerns About Cremation Care in Indiana

We the Funeral Directors of the State of Indiana are our peoples most requested source of cremation care services. Our funeral service background has prepared us to listen well and to be ever-adaptable, in order to provide relevant service to all who seek our professional assistance. We are aware that a growing number of people are opting to complete funeral arrangements with crematory services rather than earth burial services. Since shifts in community preference are usually rooted in changes of community needs, wants, and concerns, we want very much to hear from you.

Please tell us about your comforts and preferences, your fears, concerns and especially any disappointments you may have had in our providing of cremation care services for your family or community in the past. Please also share your insight for simplified services, cost saving ideas, personal attention improvements or facilities improvements. Better futures evolve when truth has set a soul free.

We know that whether earth burial, entombment or cremation, it is in the path taken there, with family, that seeds of healing and hope are sown. You, the people of Indiana, are our family. We know you through serving you at life’s most difficult time. Let us share your paths taken to honor love and life. We can be a worthy guide. But from you alone, do we learn how best to guide! Thank You.

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